Next Time I Will Get the Best Toaster

toasterFew days back my toaster stopped working due to some internal spring heater problem, I am planning on buying a new one and I have been reading the best toaster reviews. Everyone likes to eat toast. It makes a perfect breakfast with jam or butter. I personally like to have toastd with peanut butter or an omelette. When I was a kid, my mother used to toast breads on a pan, we didn’t have a toaster those days.

We bought a toaster when I was ten years old. Whenever I felt hungry my mother simply toasted few slices of bread and ate them with butter or jam. I remember one day, when I was twelve or so, my parents went to my grandmother’s place, so I had to stay alone that night. My mother forgot to cook anything for me, and she was worried that I would have to sleep hungry. But she was surprised when I told her that I toasted bread myself. Once, I had a bad experience with our electric toaster, I wasn’t very well at toasting bread at that age, I am a bit short so I had to stand on tiptoe to put the bread in the toaster The end of the wire that is near the machine body happened to be a bit worn out and I didn’t notice the absence of insulation on it, I touched that part unknowingly and felt a sudden jerk, the kind which you get when a slight electric shock hits you.

From that day onward, I am taking real care while toasting bread. I check the insulation of the wires and be careful while putting or removing bread. Few days back, my friend burnt his thumb while taking out the bread from the toaster. He was talking over the phone and didn’t notice that he was putting his finger too deep into the toaster. One must be really careful while using toasters and service it regularly so that there is no insulation or any other problem.

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